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TGK25/35 CNC deep hole scraping rolling machine is used all kinds of hydraulic cylinder, such as precision pipe wiper roll combination processing. The processing aperture precision can reach IT8 ~ IT9 level, the surface roughness after rolling can reach Ra0.2-0.4 M.
The machine is equipped with
SIEMENS 802D CNC system, a boring rod box adopts Siemens AC spindle motor 45KW, two gear stepless speed regulation. The main shaft bearing with high precision spindle bearing, good rigidity, high rotation accuracy. Siemens feed box adopts AC servo motor, stepless speed regulation, equipped with ball screw Nanjing technology of high precision, high precision and stable implementation of the spindle box feed. Cast as a whole, double rectangular guideway and ensure the whole stiffness of machine tools. The movement of high precision, good wear resistance. The machine is equipped with automatic chip removal device, good leakproof performance; cooling liquid is filtered using three stage filtration, filtration precision can reach 50.
, auxiliary tool drawings based on user specific and user requirements and.
boring diameter range: Phi 60- Phi 350mm (TGK25 phi 60- Phi 250mm)
boring depth range: 500-5000mm
machine tool guide width: 650mm
center height (from the flat guide rail to the spindle center): 450mm
feed speed range: 10 ~ 2400mm/min (continuously)
The main motor
boring bar box: N=45kW, AC spindle motor
drill spindle speed range, series: 60 ~ 1200r/min two gear stepless
feed motor: N=7.75kW, AC servo motor
CNC system: SIEMENS 802D or
is specified
hydraulic pump motor: N=1.5kW, n=1440r/min
cooling pump motor: N=11kW n=1440r/min variable frequency motor control
cooling system rated pressure: 0.6Mpa
motor liquid pump: N=7.5kW n=1440r/min
cooling system flow: 100-600L/min
hydraulic system rated working pressure: 6.3Mpa
automatic up rated working pressure knife system: 2MPa