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belongs to the drill bit in the chip, is composed of a knife body, a guide key, insert and screw (diameter of more than 65mm and the supporting bakelite), the knife body material is made by high quality steel, precision heat treatment, the blade and the guide key for imported products (above the guide key Phi 65mm homemade). The product has high machining efficiency, convenient replacement of the blade (welding, need not only needs screw blade is fixed on the cutter body), tool consumption cost is low (knife body can be used for a long time) and other advantages, can be processed carbon steel, high strength alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials, is the traditional welding drills of replacement products.
bit specification bit specification
is equipped with a cutter rod (mm)
is equipped with a cutter rod (mm)
phi 27- phi 29.9
25 diameter
phi 30- phi 34.9
27 diameter
phi 35- phi 38.9
30 diameter
phi 39- phi 43.9
35 diameter
phi 44- phi 48.9
40 diameter
phi 49- phi 53.9
43 diameter
phi 54- phi 56.9
48 diameter
phi 57- phi 60.9
52 diameter
phi 61- phi 67.9
56 diameter
phi 68- phi 72.9
61 diameter
phi 73- phi 79.9
65 diameter
phi 80- phi 87.9
70 diameter
phi 88- phi 107.9
80 diameter
phi 108- phi 150
100 diameter