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Selection Guide

    The borehole diameter range: how much is your range of workpiece diameter drilling? The scope of 1.4mm-40mm drilling gun drilling, deep hole drilling machine drilling range 30mm-100mm.. If the big necessitates the use of deep hole boring machine.

  The drilling depth range: how much is the drilling depth of your work piece? Selection of gun drill,drill hole diameter and hole depth ratio of length to diameter is 1:150. deep hole boring machinecan process the deepest workpiece length is 12000mm.

  The location and distribution of drill: you need to be in what position the workpiece bore? Drillcenter hole, or an eccentric hole? They require different tooling.

 The shape of the workpiece: your workpiece is what kind of shape? If it is a single hole of cylinder type, you can choose single coordinate single shaft, if playing two holes in the cylindricalworkpiece, three holes or four holes, can choose single coordinate biaxial, three or four axis toimprove work efficiency. If the workpiece is square, play a single row of holes in the square work,or double hole, can choose double coordinates. If the workpiece is shaped workpiece, can choose three or four axis coordinate.


 The weight of the workpiece: there are multiple your artifacts? When the machine tool selection,must consider the weight of the workpiece, the workbench bearing.

We can tailor-made special for you according to your requirements, please call contact us.