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Introduction to enterprise

Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a set design, manufacture of gun drill, three coordinate NC deep hole drilling machine, boring machine, deep hole drilling deep hole strong honing machine and other professional deep hole machine tool manufacturers, and to undertake the design of various special purpose machine manufacturing, such as: drilling machine of glass mould manufacturing industry (three coordinate), machine tool, the crankshaftmachining deep hole tube plate deep hole processing machine tool, hydraulic valve of deep holeprocessing machine tool etc..

I companies supporting the production of deep hole machining tool: BTA deep hole drill, drill,gun drilling deep hole boring head, trepanning, deep hole honing head, rolling head and boring and rolling combined head (TGG, TTG) etc.. At the same time, contract a variety of deep holemachine transformation and deep hole processing business.

The performance of our company machine to meet the domestic first-class, international leading level, the products are widely used in electric power, automobile, mould, coal, chemical industry,mining, medical, metallurgy, engineering machinery and other industries, deeply domestic and foreign customers.

My company to develop national industry as its mission, is committed to national economy each industry to provide equipment products. At the same time, our company focuses on the world market, and strive for China's international status of deep hole machine.

"Pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence, integrity-based, customer first". Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd hope to cooperate with you to create abetter future, enterprise.